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Poppies 2
25-08-2018 005-6150039
young stags
adventurous field mouse
Tawny Owl Chicks
Tawny Owl
Fallow Deer 14-10-2017
Heron 14-10-2017
Blue tits flying and feeding
Peloponnese wall lizard
cardinal beetle v2-3
Relaxing Cygnets -3
bushey park 21-2
Kestral bushey park
Heron bushy park
woodsmill 02-06-17 01-6030162
27 aug 2017 pulborough 11-8270288
Redshank shoreham
spotted flycatcher
02-09-2017 pulborough 04-9020107
Woodpecker 23-07-2017
1st Kingfisher 06-08-2017 pagham
Mellow Yellow
Dunlin 06-08-2017 pagham
white marble on lavendar-3
Baby Croc
Woodpecker millerswood
Dunlin (Summer) Cuckmere Haven 14-07-2017
02-09-2017 pulborough 02-9020152
Grasshopper 14-07-2017
Kestrel petworth
woodsmill 02-06-17 01-6030162
Nuthatch 23-07-2017
prairie 07
Bank voles
the race is on. . .
Barn owl 31-07-2017
Poppy fields
Cuban Pewee Dec 2017
cuba 02-2-2
white marble butterfly

taken in clayton sussex, using my 60mm macro lens

Whose there...

Taken at Pulborough Brooks RSPB Nature Reserve,Sussex

a bug

taken at Petworth Park, Oct 2014

Petworth 4.jpg

taken at Pulborough Brooks, Sussex this deer was literally in front of the hide...had to be so patient before I could take a picture.

A little plover by the sea....
Orange Soldier Beetle
Sweet happy dreams
ruffled feathers
ant in descent
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