by wigs 

Some random ramblings, observations and emotional journeys that have made themselves into a poem or free write...

I have been inspired by the writing community on Redbubble.com where I have worked and collaborated with other writers, artist's and phtotgraphers ...



by wigs 





Paintings and Drawings using various art medias, together with a sample of my creative photography experiments...its all a learning process...I  like to challenge myself and all is pretty much self taught although since being a member of Adur Photographic I am learning how to use editing programs which will enable me to be creative with my digital images....

Some of my photography and art is available for sale as prints, cards, postcards, canvas etc..... http://www.redbubble.com/people/wigs

Other links:

 Mid Sussex Camer Club            http://www.midsussexcc.co.uk/

 Adur Photographic                    http://adur-ps.org.uk/


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