Exhilarating weekend of Samba

Last weekend I went to the International Samba Festival in Coburg Germany... and had an amazing time.

I came home with no less than 2,596 photo's...some I have to say were a bit of a blur for the wrong reasons but a few

good ones came out of the camera, and my fav being this one on the left.

We were going through the Market Square, it was so hot a fire engine was spraying water over the people to keep them cool... I caught this couple in the corner of my eye and quickly snapped them... just as I did they stopped dancing and went and collected their bags.

This image has been tightly cropped in and i am so pleased it has come out well. I have an edited copy on the home page...

If you ever fancy a weekend of Samba, dance and general fun then you should head to this festival. Genreally the second weekend in July and next year will be very special as it will be the 25th Samba Festival.

Still feeling exhausted and I've been home 3 days now ...

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