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having thrown myself out there ... how did it go

So how did the Christmas pop up gallery go in Worthing....very well thank you

I braved it and added new artwork, examples below, art is like photography, very subjective and I am mindful of this....

My aim this time around was to try and introduce a different style of art that had been in the gallery in the summer... and even with new artists on show, I succeeded my work was different.... although not everyone's cup of tea... liked enough by some to buy. So thank you to all those lovely customers.

This image sparked a lot of discussion...was it photography or a painting ???

Well this I believe where photography crosses the boundary into art... a studio shot of a model with layers added to create texture and colour... I like taking images of textures so that they can be used later....

Model: Laura Turner

Following a bad foot day, where i needed to keep it elevated all day, meant a you tube day...exploring art tutorials on all sorts of genres and one that grabbed by eye was fluid art, using acrylics...the tutorials make it look easy but the challenge is about getting the paint to the same consistency before mixing and pouring, and I think I have yet to master this art...

Somehow I have managed it with these two paintings, by luck more than skill...but I will persevere...

This is another fluid art example using the string pull method....

So would I do it again.... yes

Will I give up the day job..... a long way off but enjoying the journey of exploring my creative side and sharing my work.

All of these images are available for sale as prints, framed, mounted of any other format you wish.

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