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Brighton Artist Open House Art Trail 2019

That moment you receive an email inviting you to exhibit your work...yes invited...and this happened to me in February when my work was spotted in the Thrive magazine by Harriot Blanchard...

I said yes of course, so I am super excited to be participating for the first time in the Brighton Artist Open House Trail every weekend in May. Venue, a pub, so cool, The Prestonville Arms (No 5 on the map) in the 7 Dials district of Brighton... along with around 22 other artists...The thing that quickly came to mind was that pubs are open every day, well most days, and so although the trail is every weekend in May... the artists on the wall in the Prestonville will be there all week for customers to look at... smart move and the landlord is totally supportive and behind the art trail and promoting local artists.

I will own up to having not been to this pub before, after all there are a lot of pubs in Brighton... my first visit confirmed it is a friendly local pub, and the food from what I have tasted so far at our recent meeting is superb... the chef put together a lovely selection of nibbles, that were so tasty and my taste buds were still buzzing long after I left, I will definitely be trying out dinner one evening or lunch at the weekend. The beer is pretty good too...

Harriot and Sue the organisers are super friendly, helpful and supportive, along with the other artists I have met so far...

Tomorrow is set up day...I have finalised the work I plan to exhibit, and will report back on how it goes...

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